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Moving past the horrible ‘first impression’ cliché used above, people underestimate the additional message that you send along with a simple email. It really comes down to a couple straightforward aspects that savvy email users will notice for their own protection in the risky realm of email conversation.

Email Address

The first part of any email that everyone looks at is the senders email address itself. This fact really correlates to the whole ‘protecting yourself’ aspect of email communication.

Contact through emails lack two important properties that we as humans have come to rely on for judging situations. Face to face contact and tone of voice.

When we lack these, we attempt to use different parameters in order to judge the persons intentions on the other end of the conversation.

Lets do a little test:
good email test

[poll id="3"][expand title="Click here to view Answer:"]The Second Email Address. See reasoning below.[/expand]

The free online email services of the world — the hotmails, the gmails, the yahoos — are fantastic; don’t get me wrong. (Gmail undeniably being my favorite.) They are simple to use and absolutely free. Allowing all types of people access to this fantastic form of communication.

But these reasons are exactly why their use in a professional setting isn’t ideal and something that you should be cautious of. I could easily, in a matter of seconds, create a new web-mail account with totally fake credentials. Then use said webmail for any number of devious reasons.

Where as the alternative, ‘’, avails useful information to the email recipient:

  • Sometimes a name:
  • The company name:
  • The company website:

The other reason to invest in a professional email address is that it opens your business up to many strategic possibilities:
Email Strategy

As messages collect within your inbox, you’ll be able to both organize and track from which of your addresses that they were emailed to.

This would be very useful if you were to start a postcard campaign with the email address ‘’ on the postcard. If set up correctly, an email address could be setup to arrive in your current inbox.

You’ll be able to see exactly how effective a campaign like that would be to your business and whether or not it would be a viable marketing strategy in the future.

Email Signature

If you’re like me, you understand many of the basics of business: Know your market, Learn to say no, Don’t work hard – work smart, Location, location, location — I can go on all day.

But there is one basic that I see countless entrepreneurs and business people totally neglecting. You should make it as easy as possible for someone to contact you when they’re finally ready for your product or service.

It would seem like an obvious and common sensical situation, but many simple items available to you as an entrepreneur are just left unused. One specific example of this are email signatures.

This is a total pet peeve of mine – and I’m sure (hope) I’m not alone.

Let’s do another little quiz: Which email signature has greater potential to get you more business?

Sent from my iPad


Xavier Cimetta

Xavier Graphics, LLC
Cell: 305 – 000 – 0000
Tel: 954 – 000 – 0000
Fax: 954 – 000 – 0000

Xavier Graphics
Xavier Graphics Facebook Xavier Graphics Google+ Xavier Graphics Linkdin Xavier Graphics Behance Xavier Graphics Twitter Xavier Graphics Twitter Xavier Graphics Dribbble

Xavier Graphics

Very obviously, it’s the second email signature. It provides the individuals that I communicate with with much of the information that they may need in any of our dealings. It also tempts them to check out my blog with my fancy feed burner ticker as well as links to all of my social media.

This allows even your email conversations to be client conversion oriented.


The last area of email conversation left is the content of your emails. Think Simple Now has a great article on writing effective emails.

Whether personal or business, the ability to compose efficient and effective email is super useful – both in terms of productivity and responsiveness.

It comes down to 10 or so important considerations:

  • Write a meaningful subject line.
  • Keep the message focused.
  • Avoid attachments.
  • Identify yourself clearly.
  • Be kind — don’t flame.
  • Proofread.
  • Don’t assume privacy.
  • Distinguish between formal and informal situations.
  • Respond Promptly.
  • Show Respect and Restraint.


We Thank Our Sources! Check them out here: Mashable and Think Simple Now

What are your thoughts?

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  • Jjdane says:

    Great blog post. I was curious how I could best setup my signature.

    But I have a question: if I have 3 different email addresses, do I need to check different accounts, or could they come into the same account?

    I don’t know if I’m explaining myself well enough…I hope I got my question across.

    • Xavier says:

      Do you mean when using multiple email addresses strategically? Yes, it’s very easy setting up multiple email addresses to collect in one email account.

      That’s normally what I set clients up with — Generally using gmail or another webmail service that they’re comfortable with. They then have use of the webmail system that they are used to, without the service’s extension. (i.e.,, etc).

      Whenever they communicate through email, it’ll appear with their desired url extension. (i.e. @abccorp).

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