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I’m Always going back to that question of design’s purpose, I think this quote sums it up pretty astutely:

Read Quote of Delwin Campbell’s answer to What is the significance of design? on Quora

With this in mind, checkout this group of designs and how they would both stand out from their competition and double their perceived and actual worth.

Awesome Afro Brownies.

A funny and bizarre cookie from Japan that’s just fun.


With a slim and classy bottle, this honey actually resembles it’s contributor in a eye catching way.
[hr] Blush_matches

The Science of Advertising tends to stray to 3 constants: puppies, babies, and sex appeal. This set of matches with a striking strip placed in a ‘creative place’ successfully plays up on this fact.
[hr] bottle

I wonder how many champagne lovers will reject this striking design. It’s just too damn sexy.
[hr] butterspoon

With a wooden spoon for a lid, this clever design is just as useful as it is memorable.
[hr] coke_cup

This soda fountain cup plays up on the distinctive classic coke bottle oh so well.
[hr] drop

This amusing juice packet will easily make you take a second look.
[hr] fit_buns

This set of buns creatively hits 3 important points: showing the product, giving the customer the products’ benefit and making me snicker.
[hr] ford_matches

Clever little ford match give-away.
[hr] fortunecookie

An awesome fortune cookie design that makes the somewhat mundane into something memorable.
[hr] frusion

Need more fruits and vegetables? Let this packages’ happy design make its product more appealing.
[hr] gator

Dino gum! There’s no doubt I’ll just buy the gum for its dino-styled package!
[hr] gnome_bread

Once again, a simple solution that changes something everyday into something lasting.
[hr] green_tea_hummingbird

This inventive tea enables an awesome origami bird steep your tea.
[hr] grocerybag

A grocery bag that gets its point across.
[hr] hair_rug

Head-turning rug heads would catch your attention as they smile at you from their shelf.
[hr] juicebox

Juice boxes that convey their flavor without even needing to tell you.
[hr] lunchbag

A shrewd product that helps you protect your lunch from any potential thieves.
[hr] note_headphones

A pair a headphones that really set a certain tone.
[hr] NYC_pasta

A stunning design thats been showcased all over the internet; Alex Creamer’s NYC Spaghetti package design is a model of the Chrysler building that pushes the spaghetti up to create a skyscraper shape showcased above.
[hr] pizza

A design concept with great utility that changes the pizza experience.
[hr] salt_pepper

“Rechargeable power for your dining table.” designed by Mehmet Gozetlik.
[hr] shoes

A great shopping bag by Gortz shoes.
[hr] tea_boat

Tea Pod’s tag unfolds into an origami boat that floats on the surface of your tea cup.
[hr] teabags

Everything from about this package is so unique, how can you not at least try it?
[hr] tissues

A sly design that would make you want to carry the product around.

We Thank Our Sources! Check them out here: Hongkiat, Geekfill, Izismile

What did you think of the designs?

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